Outreach Ministries

Our church just finished our annual Yard Sale on October 20. Our main goal was to reach out to our community and get to know some of you. We had a lot of fun with a great turn out. We want to thank you and all volunteers for supporting this activity!

As concerned members of the community, the Chestatee Seventh-day Adventist Church has on site a food pantry and our main intention is to provide basic items in case of emergency for any family in need. We have also shared our name with state agencies, which at times has referred many people to us. If you know of anyone in such need, please put us in contact and we will be happy to minister.

Dr. Samaan, a Theology Professor at Southern Adventist University, visited Chestatee SDA on November 2nd, 2015. He emphasized on the unique way of reaching each other through God’s method. The church was recharged and unified even more so than before. We pray that God will continue to send such messages.