Issue 2: September 2018 Newsletter

Pastor's Corner

Lighting the Torch in Chestatee

The word "Chestatee" is a Cherokee word meaning "pine torch place," "place of lights," or “fire light place.” Accordingly, hunting parties would build bonfires along the banks of the river. These fires were used to light torches while hunting deer and other game at night in the forest bordering the river.

In the Bible we are reminded that we are called to be “the light of the world;” a light that should be put “on a lampstand” for all to see (Matthew 5:14-15). In a recent sermon (Located here), I shared the seven top findings of the “State of the Bible 2018” research study conducting by Barna. The results of this nationwide survey made it abundantly clear that, more than ever before, we need to be “Chestatee,” a place of lights to our surrounding community.  I praise God for the spiritual leadership of our church and for their willingness to do everything possible for us to be found faithful to God’s calling upon our church.

Thus far, from our recent It Is Written mailing campaign, we have received a total of 36 Bible study interest! Praise the Lord! The fourth and final wave of mailings arrived in the homes the first week of September and we are still awaiting the responses. Please join us in praying for all those who will receive these invitations so that they may be moved by the Holy Spirit to respond to His calling. Pray for those members of our church who have committed to going out to meet these interests so that God may grant them grace and we may win many souls for the Kingdom. In a special sense, pray and ask God what would He have YOU do to reach those families around us. We are trusting that God will answer our prayers as we pray for more laborers because we believe that “the harvest is plentiful” (Luke 10:2).

Please meditate on the following quote as you consider what the Lord will have you do:

“Vigilance and fidelity have been required of Christ’s followers in every age; but now that we are standing upon the very verge of the eternal world, holding the truths we do, having so great light, so important a work, we must double our diligence. Every one is to do to the very utmost of his ability.”
p. 79)
May the Lord find us faithful! Maranatha!
Pastor Richard Piñero

Did You Know We Had So Much Talent?

From solo piano performances, to blindfolded tricks to bringing down the house with an amazing Mexican folkloric song, our church came together on September 15th to enjoy an evening of fellowship and to support the 13 different acts that showcased the many talents the Lord gave our church. Who knew Sera had a mini harp to play? Did you know that Kayla and Evan had only been playing the ukulele for a month before their talent show performance? Who could miss our youngest contestant, Alex, not a slight of nervousness in his performance! Let’s not even mention the funny skits that made us all literally LAUGH OUT LOUD! What a night!

Although the fellowship hall was spruced up and the finger foods were tasty, the warmth and applause of the audience made the night an enjoyable one. However, there was a bigger factor that made the evening even more of a success. That is the unity and Holy Spirit that are alive and well in our church! What an amazing experience to see the diversity in ages, perspectives and talents that God has blessed our church with. 1 Peter 4:10 reads, ”Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” So let us continue to serve our church with all the many talents we have been blessed with. Don’t wait to be asked to volunteer, take it upon yourself to serve the best way you can because we will all be stronger for it. See you at our next event!

Your Social Committee

Below, you can see some images from the event.


Christmas Musical Play – Calling All Teens! Practice will start today after potluck. If your child would like to participate, please contact Ina Vate at

The Appearing, hosted by Shawn Boonstra, will begin on October 24th, and last through to the 28th! Be sure to take part!

Please take note that we are always looking for new submissions to the newsletter! Please click here for details!

Speaker Schedule

For the month of October

October 6: TBA
October 13: Pastor Piñero
October 20: TBA
October 27: Pastor Piñero

Upcoming Events

Apple Festival - October 7th
Camping Trip - October 12th

October Birthdays

Cindy Ann Allen - Oct 3rd
Brian LeSage - Oct 7th
Doina Kindree - Oct 8th
John Westley - Oct 11th
Aiden Vate - Oct 16th
Michael Kwon - Oct 17th
Arelis Davila - Oct 19th
Hannah Freeman - Oct 20th

Mileidys Pinero - Oct 21st
Irma Rodriguez - Oct 22nd
Liviu Ciot - Oct 23rd
Sandy Vincent - Oct 23rd
Jovani Davila - Oct 27th
Tom Vincent - Oct 27th
Silhi Diaz - Oct 29th
Judy Gudmestad - Oct 30th

If we've missed someone please let us know!
We would like to add the children's birthdays as well so please send them along!

Health Nugget

The Importance of Pure Air (Part 2)

The lungs are constantly throwing off impurities, and they need to be constantly supplied with fresh air. Impure air does not provide the necessary supply of oxygen, and the blood passes to the brain and other organs without being vitalized. Hence the necessity of thorough ventilation. During the night while you sleep, having the window slightly ajar at least one inch will allow a free flow of pure fresh air circulating in the room. Pure air at night keeps the cells oxygenated, which helps with cellular repair. It helps to avoid: exhaustion, fevers, feeling hungry, diseases, and sluggish blood circulation.

Elder's Counsel

House Blessing

Have you ever considered having your home or apartment blessed? What is the purpose? Why should you consider having your home blessed? And who should you involve in the blessing?

Blessing your home is a way to show your family, and extended family, and neighbors that you intend to uphold God in your home, and in everything you do. You can invite family, relatives, neighbors and close friends to your home to let them know your home is a place of refuge, hope and love. To this purpose, the showing of God’s light in your home, is an outreach all by itself to your family and community. This simple proclamation also invites God to place his angels all around you and your home, to protect from the enemy, Satan, who despises the Light of God shining through our actions and deeds.

If you want a home blessing, please feel free to contact the pastor or an elder to come and officiate the home blessing.

2 Samuel 7:28-29 King James Version (KJV)

28 And now, O Lord GOD, thou art that God, and thy words be true, and thou hast promised this goodness unto thy servant:

29 Therefore now let it please thee to bless the house of thy servant, that it may continue for ever before thee: for thou, O Lord GOD, hast spoken it: and with thy blessing let the house of thy servant be blessed for ever.


It is Written - Ministry Update

By Melania Manestar

An update over our personal experiences witnessing with the It Is Written Bible studies.

Thus far, Kevin and I have responded to six Bible study requests. We visited each one of them at their home on Sunday afternoons. Most of those we visited appeared somewhat surprised to see us at their door. However, in each case, we were able to trade a pleasant few words before handing the first brochure.

For privacy's sake, I'm only going to identify those we engaged with by using the first letter in their name. It’s been truly inspiring to see how God works in bringing together people we were not even looking for. Over the past 4 weeks, we had Bible studies with Ms. F, a very sweet and loving lady... and this last Sunday, she gave us a wonderful surprise! Ms. F invited her uncle, Mr. B and one of her neighborhood friends, Ms. J to join our study group!  It was very encouraging to see everyone well engaged and eager to learn more!

Please, let us keep in our prayers this cute trio group along with everyone else involved in these Bible studies, and also the other persons we visited.


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