Newsletter Submissions

Have a submission for the newsletter, or wondering how to make a submission?

To make a submission, please email and state the subject like this:

"Newsletter Submission - First and Last Name"

Please ensure you state clearly which section you are submitting for within the email, which could be either an announcement, the health nugget, or testimony.

All submissions must be sent in by the 3rd Friday of the month. In the case of a special circumstance, later submissions may be accepted, but in general all submissions after this date will be rejected.

Before making a submission, please ensure it follows these guidelines:

Word Count

Announcements - Maximum of 50 words
Health Nugget - Maximum of 150 words
Miscellaneous - Maximum of 200 words
Testimony (Ministry Update) - Maximum of 300 words


Please ensure all words are spelled correctly, and that the wording is clear and concise without any significant grammatical errors.

Questions and Answers

Question: Are my submissions guaranteed to be in the newsletter, given they follow all the guidelines?

Answer: No, there's only so many positions available. The submissions must be deemed appropriate, and then they are approved on a first-come first-serve basis. However, we will try to keep a good variety of individuals from month-to-month. 

Please keep in mind, as the newsletter matures, additional sections will be added as needed. In special circumstances, temporary sections may also be added.

Question: If I have a special circumstance and make a submission after the 3rd Friday of the month, what should I do?

Answer: Send an email to with both your submission and an explanation regarding the circumstance. We will determine how to handle the situation and contact you with further details.

Question: What service is used to send out newsletters?

Answer: Mailchimp is used to design and send out our emails to those subscribed. To subscribe to our newsletter, please click here.