Shadow Empire

Presented by Pastor Shawn Boonstra

Shadow Empire will feature rare access to ancient sites and exclusive footage that’s on par with what you see on the History Channel and documentaries. We’ll uncover stories from history that few people—including church members—have ever heard. And we’ll introduce people to the idea that history’s key moments are foretold in an ancient book most people have in their homes.

The story begins in the ancient village of Naissus, a Roman outpost, where a 16-year old girl gets pregnant after sleeping with a high-ranking Roman officer. She gives birth to a baby boy who later rules the whole world—the man who became the Emperor Constantine. As you know, prophetically, that’s a big name. But the young emperor-to-be had a problem: he was an illegitimate peasant who had to prove that his father was the governor of Dalmatia. It’s a story you have to see to believe. Learn More