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Sabbath Truth: What is it? When is it? Who changed it? Why does it matter?


Amazing Facts: Learn Amazing Facts about all of your Bible questions.


Hell Truth: Does Hell burn forever? The truth will Amaze you!


Amazing Discoveries: Video On Demand, Bible Sermons, Bible Answers, Creation-Evolution, Health, Rekindling The Reformation, Repairing The Breach, many more series available.


Amazing Discoveries Media and Library: Access to media, articles by subject, and research tools.


Total Transformation : Walter Veith presenting a deeper understanding of our current condition.


Bible Prophecy Truth: Explore prophecy truths according to the Bible.


Sabbath Quarterly: Deepen your walk with God by studying His Word daily.


Adventist Giving: Chestatee SDA offers a new way of giving that easily fits into your life. In fact, this secure, state-of-the-art giving option allows you to return tithes and give offerings anywhere, anytime with an Internet connection. Click here for a closer look at where your Tithes and Donations go.


Adventist World Church: Mark 16:15 – And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”