January 9-10

Greetings Chestatee Church Family:
First of all, I continue to be heartbroken by the events of this year. We lost a great warrior for the Lord on Monday, January 4. Andrew Bauer was a blessing to our church family and an incredible worker for Jesus.
Please read to the end to make sure you are fully informed of this weekend’s services.
I want to update you with a little more information so as to help his wife, Kaline, from having to relive it again and again. Although there are still many questions surrounding the cause of his death at such a young age, with the previous day being seemingly normal, this is what we know: Kaline awoke to Andrew making strange sounds and thought that it might be snoring, a bad dream, or something simple. She nudged him gently, but quickly realized that he was having trouble breathing and when she tried to get a pulse, there was not one to be found! She called 911 and started CPR. The Ambulance, Fire department and Police department were there very quickly and worked diligently - at the home, in the ambulance and at the hospital - for about 2 hours. Andrew was never able to breath or have a heartbeat on his own again. Pastor Mark & Chana drove Kaline to the hospital after being contacted by Kevin Manestar as the church elders prayed. Marlen Marlow joined us at the hospital and together we began to mourn the loss! It was all like a bad dream that seemed impossible to be true. There are still many questions, but the most important focus right now is to surround Kaline with support.
If you would like to send a card, here is her address:
228 Joseph Lane, Dawsonville, GA 30534
Andrew’s obituary can be found here: Go to: www.chestateesda.org/links/andrew-bauer 
Below is information regarding “in person services” at our church this weekend.
From the Safety Committee on COVID:
Based upon the voted guidelines that take into account the seven-day rolling average of COVID in Dawsonville, the recommendation of the Chestatee Safety Committee is to close the church on 1/9/2021.
However, given the circumstances of the tragic loss of our brother, Andrew Bauer, we feel it best to come together as a community to support Kaline and all the family.  The safety of everyone involved needs to be of the utmost importance, so this does not turn into a “super-spreader” event of even more dire consequences.  Those who do not feel comfortable attending in person due to any questionable symptoms, being higher risk, or lack of desire to follow the temporarily updated guidelines, should attend all services online at www.ChestateeSDA.org!
IN ADDITION to the existing policies (social distancing, 50% capacity in main sanctuary, use of overflow room), the following additional modifications have been made 
1) A mask must be worn AT ALL TIMES WHEN INSIDE any location in the church.
2) A mask can be taken off only when an individual is in front of the congregation speaking into a microphone (so that online and in-person viewers can hear clearly)
3) Congregational hymns will be replaced with special music
4) The song preceding prayer, can be sung by the congregation while kneeling (wearing a mask during a low volume song, with head bowed, limits potential droplet projection)
ON SUNDAY, JANUARY 10, 2021 AT 11:00 AM
There will be a celebration of life for Andrew Bauer. This service is only open to Alpharetta and Chestatee members, along with other special invitees by the Bauer family. Space will be very limited considering all the lives he touched!
In order to have this service, the church will be cleaned and sanitized after Sabbath hours, before services on Sunday.  Those who cannot attend, can view all the services online through YouTube or the church website. Go to: www.chestateesda.org/links/andrew-bauer 
The following applies to the “in-person service” (some of these at the request of family):
1) A mask must be worn AT ALL TIMES WHEN INSIDE any location in the church.
2) A mask can be taken off only when an individual is in front of the congregation speaking into a microphone (so that online and in-person viewers can hear clearly)
3) When the main sanctuary reaches 50% of deemed fire capacity, others will be seated in the social hall.  When the social hall reaches 50% fire capacity, people will be directed to the outside pavilion where sound and video will be available.  Those who find it too cold, or desire to stay in their cars, can tune in to a specific FM station (only available in area by the church) to receive transmission of the service. 
4) Anyone wishing to express thoughts with the family regarding Andrew need to share their thoughts ahead of time so that they can be read during the service. 
Go to: https://forms.gle/a9Jqw89GhgTKacxJ8 (submit before 5pm on January 9)
5) When the service is over, the congregation will be dismissed starting from the back and ending last, with the family up front.  The congregation will be asked to go directly to their cars and drive through the carport to give condolences to the family standing outside, underneath the overhang in the front of the church.
We worked hard together with the family to arrive at a plan that was acceptable to all the family and that would allow for having an “in person service” during this time of COVID.  
Let us be respectful, honoring the memory of a young man that is dear to our hearts, and adhere to this plan, understanding that Kaline will need our love and hugs (when we are able to safely). 
If you are interested in being a special ongoing support to her send an email to Pastor@ChestateeSDA.org. There are a few specific ways to support Kaline that we are already planning for…”Shhh! She doesn’t know the details!”
I am looking forward to the Lord’s soon return! “For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words.” 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18


In His Service,
Pastor Mark Waters
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